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Western Helicraft doesn’t believe in merely meeting difficult challenges – we believe in raising the bar. We’ve taken R & O to new heights, finding new and innovative ways of solving old problems for your Bell, Eurocopter and MD Helicopters.

We also understand the importance of controlling your project on budget and on time. We believe in that “you can’t manage what you don’t measure” To do this effectively we have invested and integrated an electronic Work Order and Inventory software program. Its one of the few programs available where all mechanics must log in to each item electronically. Giving us real time data to monitor progress and cost and take immediate corrective action when required. Amongst the many other dozen of facets to the program, It also integrates parts required per item to ensure that even the smallest of parts arrive on time and budget.

This beautiful example hard at work in the Austrian Alps is our latest major rebuild and conversion of a Bell 205A1 into only one of four civilian Bell 205B in the world.

The machine was completely stripped of components and wiring after it was prevosily crashed damge during a fire fighting mission The airframe received an extensive refurbishment, which included all the structural upgrades for the conversion from 205-A1 to the 205B Model configuration per Bell Helicopters Specifications.

Among the many changes, the most visible upgrade to the airframe is the 212-nose. Less visible, but more important, the aircraft was completely rewired This-state-of-the art workhorse boast performance levels unmatched by anything else in its class. We realize that you may not need a limited edition Bell 205B like this beauty but give us a call the next time you’re in need of major repairs, rebuild, for Bell, Eurocopter and MD Helicopter and see what new heights we can help you attain.

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